Osteoarthritis in the shoulder is a degeneration of the joint. The degenerative pathology in the shoulder causes pain, decreased mobility and decreased strength.


Osteoarthritis of the shoulder is a degenerative disease that affects the articular cartilage between the glenoid and the humeral head of the shoulder. In its last stages, friction occurs between the 2 bones (see Figure 1) with movement.

Prótesis de resurfacing anatómica.


The diagnosis is established after a detailed clinical history along with simple x-rays of the shoulder. Sometimes it is necessary to complete the study with an MRI to assess other structures and other factors of the shoulder.


There are several types of shoulder prosthesis that can be implanted depending on the type of pathology that the patient presents and that the doctor will assess carefully, among which are:

  • Anatomical Shoulder Prosthesis: This technique is performed when the tendons of the rotator cuff are in good condition, in such a way that they will work in the movement of the prosthesis. Serve these images (Figures 2 and 3) as a scheme, since there are different models and possibilities:

Prótesis de resurfacing anatómica.

2. Inverted Shoulder Prosthesis (Figure 4): This type of prosthesis is placed when the tendons of the rotator cuff have been broken for a long time and / or there has been a rise of the humeral head. It is called inverted because the head is placed in the glenoid and not in the humerus:

Prótesis de resurfacing anatómica.

Artrosis hombro

Video of Shoulder Inverted Prosthesis

3. Inverted prosthesis and transfer of the latissimus dorsi: In certain cases with osteoarthritis due to massive cuff rupture and external rotation deficit, a transfer of the latissimus dorsi is associated with the inverted prosthesis to recover the gesture and force in external rotation, allowing gestures as drinking a glass of water.

Prótesis de resurfacing anatómica.

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